LNG - The Only Viable Fuel

Today, and for the foreseeable future, LNG is the only viable fuel for deep-sea ocean shipping which improves both air quality and GHG performance.

The global health benefits resulting from the use of LNG as a marine fuel are well known and accepted. LNG-fuelled vessels emit virtually no SOx while dramatically limiting emissions of NOx. It also virtually eliminates particulate matter, including black carbon or soot, which while not yet regulated, is an environmental concern. Regarding GHG emissions, the use of LNG in the maritime sector can reduce GHG reductions up to 21% compared with current oil-based marine fuels over the entire life cycle from Well-to-Wake, including methane emissions1 . This means that when combined with Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) improvements to ship design, LNG will likely meet the IMO 2030 decarbonisation target for new build vessels.

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